Simple past tense

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Put the verbs in parentheses into the Simple Past Tense to complete the sentences:

a) My mother always went to the club on last Saturday. (go)
b) I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning. (wakeup)
c) She cooked lunch for everybody. (cook)
d) We prepared everything for the party. (prepare)
e) You watched TV at night some minutes ago. (watch)

2) Write the verbs into theSimple Past Tense.

Ask = asked Buy = bought
Clean = cleaned Fly = flew
Close = closed Run = ran
Look = looked Give = gave

3) Choose the alternative that completes thesentences.

She _____________________ (stay) at school last morning.
They _____________________ (study) Math yesterday.
I _____________________ (play) the guitar at the party last weekend.He _____________________ (close) the door after the meeting.
We _____________________ (work) hard last month.

a) stayed – studyied – plaied – closed – worked
b) stayed – studied –played – closed – worked
c) staied – studied – plaied – closed - worked

4) Error analysis. Correct the sentences.

a- John finish his homework yesterday.

John finishedhis homework yesterday

b- Did you developed a good work last week?

Did you develop a good work last week?___________________________________________

c- Does she believe me last Monday?

Did she believe me last Monday?

d- She didn’t traveled to the USAlast year.

She didn’t travel to the USA last year.

5) Which is the correct option?

1. Paul ___________ in Germany in 1998.Nowadays he lives in England.
a) lived
b) has lived
c) will live
d) lives
e) live
2. Things ___________ a lot last October.
a) changed has
b) are...
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