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* Coffee
* A brief history
* History and categorization of coffee maker:
* Traditional filter machines
* Espresso machines
* Podcoffee machines
* Nespresso is the pioneer NECESSARIO FALAR ISSO?
* Senseo actual leader
* Popularization of the each kind of coffee

* Single-serve coffee podsystem
* Advantages: quick, clean and in small quantities
* Disadvantage: Inflexibility of the competitiveness (to discuss: until when?)
* Expensive in large quantities, thismethod is used as an additional coffee rather than as a replacement of standard coffee machines.
Partnership between Philips and Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts (DE):
* Philips – suppliers ofthe Senseo machines
* Dutch company of electronics
* World leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting
* “sense and simplicity”
* Sara Lee/DE – supplier of the coffee pods* Douwe Egberts (DE) COLOCAR AS MARCAS NO PPT
* Dutch familiar company of 18th century
* Activities included coffee, tea and household and body products
* Tea andcoffee are the core products.
* Sara Lee
* American consumer-goods company based in Illinois
* Has operations in more than 40 countries and sells its in over 180 nations* In 1978 purchased Douwe Egberts
* Since then, has become the 2nd largest coffee roaster in the world
* Employs over 26,000 people worldwide

* Philips and SaraLee/DE
* The two companies developed every aspect of Senseo.
* Since introduction in 2001 it has sold more than 15 million coffee machines.
* Competitive advantages of Senseo* Low-cost followers from China can’t easily copy the collaboration (Philips & Sara Lee)
* Main profit come partly from machines but manly from coffee pods
* Create a...
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