Seguranca do trabalho

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Accidents can happen anywhere

Accidents can happen anywhere ... at home ... at work ... in a recreation area ... even a church! You work in an office. It is a safe place, right? Not necessarily.Accidents can happen to anyone person acting inappropriately or is exposed to an unsafe condition.
Listed below are actual accidents that caused injury and took time office workers, people like you orme:

1. An office worker was returning from lunch, slipped and fell off a ladder. The steps were wet.
2. A librarian burned his left arm and side of body was shutting down when a coffee pot. Thecoffee tipped and spilled coffee on it.
3. An archivist took a way back when a fellow fell on him trying to catch a few cards file drawer.
4. An office worker tripped over a cord exposed and fell,hitting the ground with his hands. She broke arm and sprained his wrist.
5. A secretary pulled the chair from a lunch table. She held her finger on a wire to the bottom of the chair, breaking a finger.6. A clerk was going through a door swivel when someone pushed the door faster. The door hit him in the heel and leg, causing
bleeding in one.
7. An employee dislocated his arm when moved suddenlywhile playing cards in a lunch break.
8. An employee was trying to open a window in the office. He was pushing against the glass when the window and broke his hand went through the broken glass.Suffered a cut on the wrist.
9. A receptionist slipped on a dining room that had been recently waxed and fell, causing bruises on his back.
10. A clerk was running through the parking lot the company,stumbled on a rock and fell. Suffered a lower back contusion.
11. Employees of a carrier brought a table for a new maid. She was not satisfied with the the same position. He tried to change itsposition, pushing a, and had a disc injury in the column.
12. A receptionist took a call at work. His jaw out of position.
13. A secretary left her desk to go to the file room, tripped over a box of...
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