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1- Complete the sentences with one of these irregular verbs in the past simple:

do see drink sing read sell buy have leave gofazer ver beber cantar ler vender comprar ter deixar ir
She ______sing______ that same song on her birthday party last night.
They _______leave______their house at 10 a.m. yesterday and didn’t arrive yet.
I can’t believe you ______________ your house. It was so nice!
I ____________ too much wine yesterday. Now I have a terrible headache.
He_____________ his homework before he ___________ to the party.
I ____________ English class on Monday and Wednesday last semester.
She _____________ him at the club yesterday playing soccer with theboys.
I ____________ all the books she _____________ for me as a gift.

2- Complete the dialogs with the phrases and expressions below:

How long along with what’s going on be able toright now
by Do you think are going to as a matter of fact

a) __________________ she will _______________________ go to the party?
b) How do you get _______________________your brothers?
c) I need to call her _____________________.
d) _______________________ with you? Are you alright?
e) They ________________________ be here ______ Saturday.
f) - Say,___________________ did you stay at their house?
- ______________________ I didn’t stay long.

3- Complete with anything/ nothing or anybody/ nobody or any/no:

a- I didn’t eat __________________ yesterday.= I ate _________________ yesterday.

b- There isn’t __________________ at the door. = There is ________________ at the door.

c- Sorry, I don’t have ___________ time this week. = Sorry, Ihave ____________ time this week.

d- I don’t have ______ pets but my friend has many. = I have _______ pets but my friend has many.

e- I didn’t do _________________ on the weekend. = I did...
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