Scusa ma ti chiamo amore - text

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Scusa ma ti chiamo amore - Text

My favorite movie is the Italian film by Federico Moccia, "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" (2008). I know that kind of film are not my type, but this movie is different.Tells the Story of Alex (Raoul Bova), and Niki (Michela Quattociocche).
I'm not sure what I liked most about this movie. If it is the fact that he is Italian or have a few poetic quotes between onescene and another.
It all started in a Thursday where Alex, a successful publicist of 37 years, comes home and realizes that no one is home, the closets are empty and there is a letter saying thathis lovely fiancée had left without any explanation. At this time comes the first quote ” Amare é breve, Dimenticare é lungo” (Love is short, forgetting is longer) by Pablo Neruda. Of course he gets alittle depressed and need to have fun in a house party not planned with some models and friends, Pietro, a married man with children, many times he betrays his wife with different womens, and Andreo,a simple company employee who had his desk near Helena.
Niki, a 17-year-old who spends all her free time with her friends in her group called O.N.D.E. (the first letters of the names of each of thefriends, Olly, Niki, Diletta and Erica). Olly is outgoing, uninhibited and funny, is the most liberal of the four friends, she likes to go out on dates without worrying about tomorrow. Erica isquieter than Olly, she has been dating for a long time with the same methodic and very annoying guy. Diletta is healthy, smart and athletic one, is the only who is still a virgin. And finally Niki, thegirl who draws more attention in the group, unpredictable and sometimes infant but it's more, let me say, "woman" in her group, she believes in love and the power of dreams.
"Goditi potere e bellezzadella tua gioventù" (Enjoy the power and beauty of your young) by Master Kahuna. In a kind of fight of cars, we know the completely, annoying and asshole Niki’s ex-boyfriend, Fabio who still wants...
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