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Enterprise App Development – Part1
Day 1
Introduction to web Applications
1- Browser request a URL
2 – Web server (IIS) receives a URL address and retrieves the requested page on the Server’sFile System
3 – Server’s File system sends data to Web Server
4 – Web server response HTML to the browser
5 – Browser renders the application
HTTP Request:
1.HTTP command called method
- GET: Information send to the server, is sent through URL.
- POST: Information send to the server, is sent through body of the page.
2. Path: Page of URL which the userknows.
3. Version of HTTP
HTTP Response:
Server Proces the request and sends a response, the response is a HTML.
Static Pages:
Don’t change with the user or time.
Dynamic Pages:
Change with useror time (Daily news, live games)
System of interlinked hypertext documents which are accessible through the internet. Communications happens through HTTP.
- Hyper Text Markup Language
-Designing and developing web pages
- Text file used by browser to display text, multimedia etc.
- Case insensitive (A != a)
- Independent of the browser or platform.
Structure of HTML Document:Some Tags:
: Indicates the title of the document
: Specifies the relationship between the current document and other.
: Specify name/value to describe properties of the document.
:Specifies the client side script name
: To include CSS
: Create Paragraphs
: Line break
: Draw a horizontal line
Link text to other documents
: Display table in a tabular format
: Row
: Colum
- Create graphical user interface (GUI)
- Use
- Form elements: Made up fields or controls
- : used to add controls to the form
-Types: TextArea, ListBox, CheckBox, RadioButton
- Send the content of the form to the server on clicking.
- Building programming environment in HTML document.
- Web pages...
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