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[1] Sasha was born; Suzana Drobnjakovic.
[2] Sasha is of Serbian and Italian descent.
[3] Sasha’s mother-in-law is Sophia Loren.
[4] Sasha can speak Italian, Serbian, and is learning French.
[5] Sasha and Edoardo’s children both have L names.
[6] Sasha studied Directing at USC.
[7] Sasha has worked with Jim Carrey, Jennifer Anniston and Bradley Cooper on several occasions.
[8] Sasha haslived in New York, London and California for studies and career purposes.
[9] Sasha was planning to be a figure skater but had to stop because of an injury to her knee.
[10] Sasha shares her birthday with Andrea Corr, Craig Ferguson and Dennis Hopper.
[11] Sasha trained with the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) in London.
[12] Sasha’s new film Coming & Going was directed by husband, EdoardoPonti.
[13] Sasha has worked with Eric Dane (Mark Sloan/McSteamy) in Grey’s Anatomy, who works with her close friend Jessica Capshaw (JCap).
[14] Sasha has played two different characters called Jackie - firstly in a movie “All Over The Guy” and then in Medical drama with Dana Delany “Presidio Med”.
[15] Sasha’s first TV job was working with Jim Carrey and the Wayans brothers as a dancer on ‘InLiving Color’. 
[16] Sasha loves to travel. 
[17] Both of Sasha and Edoardo’s children were born in Geneva, Switzerland.
[18] Sasha’s birthday is May 17 (1973).
[19] Sasha’s favourite role so far has been playing Dr. Maura Isles.
[20] both Sasha and her daughter were born in May.
[21] Sasha moved from L.A to North Carolina for her role on Dawson’s Creek.
[22] Sasha didn’t actually go backto work on NCIS for the Season Eight episode ‘A Man Walks Into A Bar’ she just did a voice over.
[23] After Sasha graduated from USC, she took on a job reading through scripts for networks.
[24] Sasha was born in California.
[25] Sasha has appeared in FHM magazine.
[26] Sasha has worked with both Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Anniston in movies, after starring with them in an episode of Friends.[27] Sasha’s allergic to cats.
[28] Sasha and Angie had never met before Rizzoli & Isles.
[29] Sasha played the part of Katherine ‘Kate’ in Taming Of The Shrew.
[30] Sasha’s surname came about when her parents thought that Alexander was a ‘more American surname’.
[31] Sasha has hazel eyes.
[32] Sasha co-wrote and produced ‘Lucky 13’.
[33] Sasha was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta.
[34]Sasha and Edoardo married in 2007 (August).
[35] a lot of Sasha’s roles have been on crime based TV shows, including; NCIS, CSI, Rizzoli & Isles.
[36] Sasha originally wanted to be an exotic dancer.
[37] Sasha once worked in a Soft-Serve parlour.
[38] Sasha has played alongside both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
[39] Sasha has worked with Robert Sean Leonard on two separate occasions;Wasteland and House.
[40] Sasha’s played an interviewer for magazines twice; Greg The Bunny & Friends.
[41] Sasha has worked with Kevin Williamson twice; Wasteland and Dawson’s Creek.
[42] Sasha took to acting in seventh grade.
[43] Sasha has worked with Jessica Capshaw on ‘Thick & Thin’.
[44] while on NCIS, Sasha’s days used to start at 4:30am.
[45] Sasha was chosen back before shestarred on Wasteland, to be part of a Nike running ad campaign.
[46] Sasha’s character Caitlin Todd and Tony DiNozzo were going to get into some kind of relationship in the third season of NCIS.
[47] Sasha’s character Gretchen Witter in Dawson’s Creek was only supposed to appear for two episodes.
[48] Sasha worked with Jim Carrey in Milos Foreman’s movie about Andy Kaufman, titled ‘Man On TheMoon’.
[49] Sasha co-produced and starred in a movie called ‘X-Girlfriends’.
[50] Sasha once said she doesn’t usually like to drink coffee as it makes her a little jittery.
[51] Sasha likes fruity/flowery scents, but not too over bearing.
[52] Sasha’s a fan of Baz Lurhman.
[53] Sasha’s first purchase from Tod’s Boutique was a pair of sandals.
[54] Sasha once worked at a restaurant in L.A and...
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