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Local Processing in the Advanced Adapter Engine using PI 7.1
November 19th, 2008 Riyaz
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[pic][pic][pic]SAP PI 7.1 supports adapter to adapter messaging thus bypassing the ABAP stack of Integration server altogether. This is known to improve performance by a factor of 10. This articleexplains how to use this functionality with a simple file to file scenario.
With Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE), messages can be sent asynchronously as well as synchronously. Use of mapping programs isalso supported. Configuration effort is significantly reduced as now we only have to create communication channels and an ICo (Integrated Configuration) object. Receiver/Interface Determination,Sender/Receiver Agreements are not required.
A few points to be noted however are:
• Local processing is supported only for adapters residing in the Adapter Engine. ABAP based adapters likeIDoc/HTTP etc are not supported. (IDoc adapter is expected to be moved to Java stack in future releases/enhancement packs)
• ccBPM is not supported as this is a service provided by ABAP stack
• ABAPMapping is not supported
• Proxies are not supported
• Message splits and content-based routing is not currently possible
Now let us understand this concept of local processing within AAEby creating a simple file-to-file scenario.
Create the required design objects (data types, message types, interfaces, mappings) in the repository (ESR).
Create File sender and receivercommunication channels as usual. You may want to group your scenario objects under a folder by creating a folder and creating your objects within it. You can also drag and drop already created objects into thedesired folder.
Creating Integrated Configuration Object
• Right click your folder (or anywhere in the Objects tabpage) and choose ‘New’
• From the left pane, select Collaboration...
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