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***The Cracked Link is:

http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e0cfbbd1a6fb950178579 ALterar!!

***The way for 50000 RP
-Register from the Cracked Link
-On Level 3 you will have 400 RP
-Reach level 10
-You are getting instantly 50000 RP on level 10

***Tips for reaching level 10
-Play battle training (NO TUTORIAL) - it makes you level 2 and a half
-On level 3 you are getting 400 RP - buy XP Boost with that RP
-Do not leave games or using offensive language - you can be suspended
-You can play continuously - you can reach level 10 for 2 weeks even if you want

***Didn't received 400 RP on level 3.
If you didn't received 400 RP on level 3 then do not reaching level 10! Most of the people are getting 400 RP on level 3 and are getting 50000 RP on level 10. The reason for no 400 RP at level 3 may be the region that you are playing. Remember that it is working only for NA/EUW/EUNE PLATFORM. After registering you must to download NA/EUW/EUNE Cilent and play there, if you already have downloaded that Cilent do not download it again.
~Sometimes you may have 400 RP and they are not showing, you can still buy XP Boost from the Store even if there shows that you don't have any RP. Or just relogin and they will be showed there.

---Why I am getting an error when trying to sign up?
The error on the sign-up page can stem from a few things. The most common reason for the error is that the username is taken. Additionally, you must format your birthday in a DD-MM-YYYY format. Make sure you meet all the requirements for the fields before you click submit.

---I have only one email address, how can I make a new account?
You can not create an account if you left the email box blank, you must to put something there. If you have only one email address or even if you don't have any email address you can still create an account from the Crakced Link. You don't have to put an existing email address there, just put fake email or whatever you want and your account