Roteiro em inglês para teatro

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N - New York- Sunday. October 28th, 2012 – 9:00 a.m.

REPÓRTER 1 - We interrupt programming to inform the approach of a hurricane on the east coast of the USA. We askeveryone's cooperation, exalt themselves and remain in their homes. In return soon with more news.

N- Peter is in his house and had not seen the report, he arranges pro his first day at college. Comb yourhair with that much enthusiasm begins to sing.
Peter leaves the house, but got lost on the way and decided to ask for information in a store.
He fumbles and ends up tripping over a suitcase thatwas on the floor.

P- Damn! Just my luck .. Wait ..

N- Peter looks odd a briefcase lying on the floor when he sees a man near her mulatto and wounded as well. He decides to help him, when hediscovers his identity.

P- Can not be! Hussein? Barack Hussein Obama, the U.S. president! Let me out of here

N- Peter is confused, not understanding what is happening. He goes to the store and asksocorro.Ele looking flame, but there's nobody there, the TV's on and he turns to watch something that draws your attention.

REPÓRTER 1: We return with news about Hurricane Sandy, Thayná, where areyou?

REPORTER 2: TAYNÁ- Hello, we are on Seventh Avenue to show the state of New York, after the passing of Sandy. Several homes were destroyed and there are many ..
AAAAAAAAAAAA!CINEGRAFISTA(GLAUBER) : Oh my God, it's the end of the world.

what a tragedy! so ... We're back with more details about the tragedy today, but wanted to take knowledge that President BarackObama this morning disappeared after a meeting, we will be alert and with more news soon.

P- Now I understand everything! I do ... I know! I'll call Brian

N- Peter completely desperate call yourfriend and ask him to help.

P- Brian, until you finally answered, I need your help,comes here in Times Square that'll explain, quick!

B- okay, calm down I'm coming

N - Brian without...
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