Roswell case

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The Roswell Case
Roswell, New Mexico, 1947

It was already June 14th night, when the farmer William Brazel saw many pieces of something on his land hecouldn’t define. However, only on July 7th, William went to the police and described it to the officers. The delay happened because first William thought it was a weatherballoon. Then, he believed it was an UFO and told his neighbors. On the same day, a group of firefighters captured pieces of the UFO. On the following day, all the news wereabout UFOs. The Army denied the existence of UFOs and, on the next day, the news changed: they said the UFO was only a weather balloon.

The Myth of RoswellMany Books about the case were written, all of them telling the same theory: what was considered a weather balloon was, in fact, an UFO and there were E.T.s in it. TheArmy is still holding the UFO and the E.T.s, but even many years later, nobody knows the truth.

Some people tell they saw E.T.s bodies on farms, but the Armyclaims they were just dolls, made for Project High Dive. This project was about parachute tests, using dolls in high-altitude.

Some theories say the case isrelated to many UFOs, not only one. Others confirm the existence of the Division Majestic 12, a governmental institute which studies UFOs. But it was denied by FBI withofficials documents.

In march 2011, a document reported UFOs and E.T.s in Mexico. Although this case, known as Aztec Case, is believed to be fake.

TheRoswell Case is closed because there wasn’t new information about it. People never heard about E.T.s and UFOs there again.

Is the Roswell Case true or fake?
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