Rich programming rule

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Rich Programming Rule

Development in MorphX
The document is to create programming rule for AX ERP customization program which include naming rule and function control rule. As we have lots of customizations in ERP system and there are several development units, even in one development unit, there is more than one developer, weneed to create the naming rule to make the customization much easier to read and understand. Also, it helps us to separate the standard functions and customization functions. And for each site, it has difference function requests; we have to make good function control for difference function request in each site.

Development Team
As now on, we have serveral development units, we define the nameof these teams.
Development Team | Name | Description |
Tectura-China | TEC | |
Tectura-Indian | TEI | |
Tectura-Vietnam | TEV | |
Columbus IT | CIT | |
1. Systems Advisers Group | SAG | |
ERP Competency Center | RPS | ERP CC support all of the site |
Rich Graviss India | RGI | Currently, it is just for India |

Customization Type & Process
Before we prepare Enterprise Design Document (EDD), first we need to record the function change in our development list and get a number, the EDD will use this number as EDD number. When developers receive EDD, developers will use this number to create the project in AOT.
* Process:
* After investigate and survey, application consultant will prepare BPA documents, which describecurrent situation and future requirements detailedly.
* Functional Requirement document (FRD) confirms the customization list, according to BPA, with project team, which includes Priority, Development team, estimation time, when this change is in a project.
* Application consultant will prepare EDD according to FRD and ask technical leader to give an EDD number and record in thedevelopment list.
* Technical consultant will do the customization according to the EDD in DEVE environment, and then import into TEST environment.
* After passing testing, tell system administrator to export the project from TEST environment and import into LIVE environment.
* All of the customization will put into the CUS Layer
* After finish the customization, record themodified code in the EDD.
* Caution: One function, one EDD, do not put more than one function change in one EDD.
ERP Change Request
* ERP Change Request means it is not belong to any ERP project, it is to improve system to mapping Rich’s business process, and the request is provided by key user.
* As the ERP change Request, it is focus on Rich Development team
*Caution: About the change request, we also need to prepare a EDD.
ERP Help Desk
* Description:
* ERP Help Desk means there are some issues or performance about the program, perhaps we can called it trouble-shooting. So the work flow will be some different from Change Request. When users have this requirement, they can write a help desk ticket and BA will assign this to relevant PA tosolve it. As below:

* Caution: Help desk project name will use the Help desk number, don’t need to prepare EDD.
Project Name
Different site use different Project name.
Development Team | Site | Name | Format | Number |
Tectura | China | TEC | TEC_######_Description | 000001-099999 |
| India | TEI | TEI_######_Description | 100000-199999 |
| Taiwan | TET | TET_######_Description |200000-299999 |
| Vietnam | TEV | TEV_######_Description | 300000-399999 |
ERP Competency Center | All Site | RPS | RPS_######_Description | 400000-499999 |
Columbus IT | UK | CIT | CIT_######_Description | 500000-599999 |
Systems Advisers Group | Brazil | SAG | SAG_######_Description | 600000-699999 |
Rich Graviss India | India | RGI | RGI_######_Description | 700000-799999 |
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