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The red room is a story about a young man who spends his night in Lorraine Castle. The narrator chooses to stay in a room that is said to be haunted, in disbelief of such story, despite thevarious warnings the three infirm custodians give him. He says that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, therefore, he sees no reason to fear that room. He asks to be shown the room, but none of them acceptto go with him, so he goes by himself. The room is large and dark, full of black and red furnishing and creepy shadows. His only source of light is a candle, so he decides to light the fireplaceand six candles, putting them all over the room. Once the room is illuminated, he notices a rather disturbing shadow at the other end of the room, in a dark alcove, so he places a candle in thisspot. Not enough, he goes for more candles and returns from the hallway with ten of them, and lights them all. Sometime past midnight, the candle set in the alcove extinguishes. As he gets up torelight it, other candles begin to go dark, so he starts to struggle to keep the candles in the room lit as they mysteriously wink out, one by one. He gives up on his matches and starts using acandle to light the others, but he trips and loses his candle, that leaves him in a dark room except for the fireplace. As he picks up a candle and approaches the fire to light it, even the fireis mysteriously extinguished. By this time the narrator has lost any sense of calm that he had remaining, and makes a run for the door. However, it’s dark and he can’t see well, so he keepstripping and getting hit by things in the dark, until he gets hit by a cold blow and fall unconscious. He wakes up by daytime, being taken care of by the custodians. They say he was found on the floorwith his forehead covered in blood. Trying to remember the night in the room, the narrator announces that the room is in fact haunted, but not by a ghost, as they believed, but by Fear itself.
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