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The novel, of strong aesthetic face, it tells the fictitious history of a young man called Dorian Gray in aristocratic and hedonistic England of the century XIX, which becomes a model for a paintingof the artist Basil Hallward. Dorian became you do not punish Basil's model for his physical beauty (a " Adônis who would say to himself act from ivory and petals of rose "), but also it became afountain of inspiration for other works and, implicitly in the text, a Platonic passion for part of the painter. But his portrait, which Basil does not want to exput because of having put " very much ofme himself ", was his great masterpiece.
Lord Henry Wotton, a cynical aristocrat and typical hedonist of the time and Basil's great friend, knows Dorian and seduces it for his world vision, where theonly purpose that is worthwhile to be pursued is it of the beauty and of the pleasure: " it am of seeming what if the man was living full and totally his life, of this it forms to all feeling,expression to all idea, reality to any daydream ... I believe that the world would receive a new impulse eufórico, an impulse of joy that would make us forget all the males of the medievalismo and returningto the Hellenic ideals ...
"However, according to Henry, the beauty is ephemeral. Even the intelligence him is damaging: " the beauty, the true beauty, finishes where it begins the intelligentexpression ", whereas " the beauty is a genius form ... more elevated than the nature, so it dispenses explanation ". Dorian was seduced by Henry's words and by the sadness of his destiny: " the man hasonly of some years to live really, perfectly, fully. When the youth to pass, his beauty to be going if - á with her; then the man will discover that triumphs already do not wait for it, or that thereonly remain for him the mediocre victories what the memory of the past will make bitterer when what were destroyed. ".
While seeing itself in his finally ready portrait, it is exasperated:
" I will...
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