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Pirates of Silicon Valley

The film talks about how it came to companies Microsoft and Apple in the 70s, through four university students who love computers: Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs andSteve Wozniak. With all intelligence and wit over the years brought home users the power to enjoy the season than that only large companies had the computer.
Steve Jobs and Wozniak are university ofCalifornia. Jobs is a tough guy and has a way through Hippie, suffers from not knowing his biological mother, does drugs and therapies. Wozniak is a playful guy, loves jokes and is very intelligent.Still in college befriended a boy who discovered that a simple whistle emitting the same sound of appliances company AT & T and through some modifications invented the "Blue Box" that madelong-distance calls for free. Bill Gates is a very intelligent person, he studied at Harvard University, loves playing poker and drinking beer with his friends Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer also university.In the early 70s, computers called mainframes, were large and occupied large spaces. Although there were no personal computers such as those commonly found today, there was an audience eager to beable to enjoy this technology.
In 1974 a company in Albuquerque launches computer "Altair", but the computer had a problem, needed a language, it was then that Bill and Paul closing business with thecompany invented the language for the Altair BASIC and the Operating System in 1975
They founded the company Microsoft.
Steve Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 together they developed a kind of first personalcomputer, the result of intense work in a garage. They gave the name to this prototype of Apple. With the success of the model, they decided to found a company to enhance Apple and the PC in 1977,came to the company Apple Computer. At the launch of the Apple II in 1977 on a small computer show, Bill Gates hitherto unknown, is snubbed by Steve Jobs. From this time began the battle between these...
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