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The Scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne tells the story that happens in Boston, in 1666 and is about an adulteress woman called Hester Prynne; she should wear a scarlet A inher bosom to mark her shame. Her husband is from Europe and He sent Hester first and later He’ll be in the new England but never he came.

In the begin of the story Hester doesn’t want to tell tothe population and the old priest John Wilson and young priest Arthur Dimmesdale who is the man that she committed adultery, this secret is revealed to the population only in the end but to thereaders the author gives somes clues. The Hester’s husband arrived in the town as a doctor and he called himself Roger Chillingworth. He asked to Hester to keep his secret and she promise to him that shewill. Later Mr. Dimmesdale is sick and Roger Chillingworth is called to be Dimmesdale’s doctor, thereafter they begin to live in the same house.

Roger Chillingworth is suspicious of Mr. Dimmesdaleand after to make questions about the Mr. Dimmesdale’s soul, he comes into the room and sees that the other is sleeping so he pulls open the priest’s shirt and sees the letter A seared into his chest.Hester can’t handle to see the young priest more and more sick, she goes to Chillingworth and asks him to stop adding to Dimmesdale's self-torment but he refuses and said to her that he’ll continueswith his revenge. Later she tells Mr. Dimmesdale the Chillingworth’s true identity and she calls him to travel with her and their doughter, Pearl, as a family. The day before the ship is to sail therewill be a holiday in the town and Hester discover that Chillingworth knows about of their plan and he would be in the same ship.

Dimmesdale, leaving the church after his sermon, sees Hesterand Pearl standing in the scaffold. He impulsively mounts the scaffold with them and exposes to everybody his secret, the mark A in her chest showing who is the Pearl’s father. After that he falls...
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