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Article Title: The use of fatty acids in wound care: an integrative review of the Brazilian literature

Author's main point: To characterize the Brazilian scientific production on the topical useof fatty acids in wound care, and to describe the effects of its administration in this process

Purpose statement: Using an integrative scientific literature review method, with the bibliographicsurvey performed in December 2010, the purpose of this study is to characterize Brazilian scientific production indexed in Lilacs and BEDENF databases, analyzing the topical use of fatty acids in woundcare.

Primary arguments:
- scarcity of published studies regarding the use of essential fatty acids (EFA) for treating wounds.
- higher concentration of studies starting in the year 2000(77.7%), likely due to the dissemination and supply of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in the market, with or without EFA.
- every study was analyzed and described with the purpose to outline theircharacteristics and weaknesses, thus allowing for a better understanding and synthesis of the results.
- lack of details in the methodology of the studies. Evaluation, variables, results and form of woundtreatment were not clearly described.
- studies results may had been influenced by considerable variation in the formulations containing EFA.
- no explicit reference to the concentrations of theproducts and the brands that were used in the studies.
- most of the studies analyzed in the present review were performed using animal models
- these types of studies cannot serve as sources ofevidence to be applied in clinical practice.

- the evidence obtained by the review does not permit any generalization regarding indications for use of EFA to treat wounds in human beings, asthe recommendations were mostly obtained from animal studies and with substances, mediums and concentrations containing EFA, many of which are not available in Brazil.
- the study results do not...
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