Remote 3d reconstruction of cnc processing over ip

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Remote 3D reconstruction of CNC processing over IP
Rodrigo Gianasi Severino Hernandes Federal University of ABC, Brazil range of future Internet Protocol(IP) architectures dedicated to industrial equipments.[1] In this section we will talk about the CyberOPC. The CyberOPC technology is an alternative to the others data exchange protocols based on the OPC technologyand introduces streaming capabilities to gain high refresh rate on the remote control station. It means that the CyberOPC is a new open communication system for remote control of industrial CNC machines, making the transmission delay for time-critical control data shorter than other OPC-based solutions, and fulfilling cyber security requirements. A. OPC Technology Before we talk about theCyberOPC, we have to define the technology that it's based, OPC Technology. The OPC is a set of interfaces defined by the OPC Foundation, initially based on OLE/COM(Object Linking and Embedding/Component Object Model) and DCOM(Distributed Component Object Model) technology, for open software application interoperability between automation/control applications, field systems/devices and business/officeapplications. The basic principle of OPC operation is that an OPC client, like SCADA software, transfers data to/from PLCs/Devices using an OPC server(see Fig.1). The OPC client can operate either locally (the server is on the same PC) or via local network, and in this case the server accesses PLCs/Devices via drivers.[1]

Abstract- When we talk about the optimization of a process, the first stepto achieve this objective is the knowledge of all parts of this process. Thinking about this, was proposed a lot of technologies that allow us to know some parts of industrial processes. The technologies that we study is the MTConnect and the OPC. Using a software based on OPC technology, the CyberOPC, we are doing a 3D reconstruction that allow us to know better of CNC process, and comparereal-time how is the project of each piece and how is getting the real piece in a remote computer, using as communication protocol the IP on the KyaTera that have the bandwidth required to do the tests. I.INTRODUCTION Nowadays, we can to realize that entire scientifical society strives to obtain a process with high performance and reduce environmental impacts. This work aims to end helps with thisproblems on CNC process. The solution used to get informations about the process is the CyberOPC Client[1], and this project proposes a complement to this solution. To optimize the CNC process was done a 3D graph using the Microsoft Visual C# 2008 language and Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) that allows to us some recurses to build this solution on 3D. Using this solution we can to do the remote3D reconstruction of a real work of a CNC process. The main objective of the proposed scenario relies on the possibility to analyze energy consumption trough a 3D graph with the temperature data. This analysis can to give us information to optimize the CNC process and this implies into a energy saving and reducing the environmental impact. And this application toll should permit remote on linecompare the effective 3D model with the estimated on softwares like AutoCAD. II.RELATED WORKS Everyday the search for a solution of problems in the industrial area, let us with responsibility to make softwares that allow the machines works better and with a resource economics. Thinking about this a lot of works has been done. Some emerging technologies in industrial monitoring and control, asOPC-UA[2] and MTConnect[3], design a wide

Fig. 1 General OPC communication diagram OPC is open connectivity in industrial automation and the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured trough the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications. [4] The core of the OPC paradigm resides in its single database furnishing data: the OPC servers themselves are the...
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