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Conditions and work process in the daily of the Family Health
Program: coherency with health humanization principles

Leny Alves Bomfim Trad 1
Ana Angélica Ribeiro de Meneses e Rocha 1

Programa Integrado de
Pesquisa e Cooperação
Técnica em Comunidade,
Família e Saúde (Fasa),
Instituto de Saúde Coletiva da Universidade Federal da
Bahia. Rua Basílio da Gama s/no, Campus
Universitário Canela.
40110-040 Salvador BA. Abstract This study analyzes humanization at work in the context of the Family Health Program (FHP), inquiring: what is the role that infrastructure assumes in the construction of humanized work in the FHP? Does the course of staff work reveal coherency with health humanization principles? In order to find out answers to these questions, it was explored the perception of
FHP’ professionals about their work routine, considering concrete conditions whereby it occurs besides involved relationships, practices and products. It is a multiple case study, both qualitative and quantitative (with primacy of the first approach), developed through questionnaires and focal-groups with FHP’ teams of selected areas.
The results indicate that infrastructure fragilities and low investment in training of staffs are factors that contribute for the persistence of work conditions and practices that are far away from health humanization principles. Despite of the difficulties, it was evidenced, by the staffs, in general way, great engagement to their work and great sensibility to population needs and problems.
Key words Humanization, Family Health Program, Works conditions, Work process

Resumo Este estudo analisa a humanização no trabalho no contexto do Programa Saúde da Família, indagando: que papel desempenha a infraestrutura para a construção de um trabalho humanizado no PSF? O processo de trabalho das equipes revela coerência com os princípios da humanização em saúde? Para buscar respostas para estas