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NeoTrace Version 2.12a
Released February 1, 2000
Welcome to NeoTrace 2.12a!

Please review this entire document.

It is recommended that you completely uninstall any previous versions of
NeoTrace, including any beta versions, before installing this new release.

Help information ishosted on the NeoWorx web site. When you select a help
button or menu item your browser will be opened and a help screen loaded
from the NeoWorx web site. Be sure you are online when using NeoTrace.

The complete user manual in PDF format may be downloaded from the NeoWorx web
site. Links to the PDF document appear on all online help pages.

If you do not yet have PDF compatible softwareyou can download a free Acrobat
reader from the Adobe web site at

You can download the full manual by using the Auto Update
feature built in to NeoTrace or from the navigation bar while viewing any
online help page.


NeoTrace is a diagnostic and investigative tool. It traces the network path
across the Internet from thehost system to a target system anywhere on the
Internet. Automatic retrieval of data includes registration details for the
owner of each computer on the route (address, phone, email address) and the
network each node IP is registered to. Easy to read views of the data
include a world map showing the locations of nodes along the route, a graph
showing the relative response time of each nodealong the path, a simple
listing and an abstract representation of the path and node types along the

NeoTrace has been popular with home enthusiasts for diagnosing connection
problems. Many Internet Service Providers recommend NeoTrace to their
customers and also use it themselves. By providing their users with NeoTrace
many organizations have found they are able to decreasethe number of help
desk calls they handle related to connection problems. It is also used by
law enforcement professionals worldwide, including US Customs and NATO, and
is taught in courses at the FBI Academy and in Internet Investigator training
for officers in the state of California. It has been shown on national TV
in conjunction with stories on law enforcement efforts to trackdown pedophiles
and other criminals.

NeoTrace is the quickest way to get an overview of a connection and through
its combination of ease of use and powerful and automatic data retrieval it is
a favored tool of both novices and seasoned professionals.


To use NeoTrace you will need:

· A '32 bit' version of Windows, i.e. Win95, 98 or NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.· A connection to the internet
· MS internet support, this includes wininet.dll and icmp.dll, a standard
part of 99% of Windows installations. If you are missing these files
visit the support pages on our web site.
· The MS version of WinSock, this is the default installation for all windows
platforms. If you are using a 3rd party winsock implementation, such as
Trumpet, you mayhave problems.


Changes from 2.12 to 2.12a:

· Greatly expanded local Location Database available with this release
· Data related to NeoTrace installation is now stored in the Registry for
use by software which wishes to interact with NeoTrace.
· Minor revisions to the event sounds.
· Corrected screen refresh problem when resizing the window. This flawaffected
the 'action animation' area of the toolbar on some systems.
· Corrected a minor flaw in the parsing of returned location data when used
in setting new node locations. Does not affect users.

Changes from 2.11 to 2.12:

· Improved map drawing. Maps should now draw considerably faster on slower
· Revised Whois lookup. NeoTrace now complies with version 1.1 of the...
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