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The father of the modern physics
Albert Einstein is one of the most notorious scientists of our age. Not only because his contributions for the science but also for the example of his life.
Born ona Germany family, Einstein was not a notorious student during his youngness; he always had difficult in deal with their teacher and colleagues in the college. In other hand his talent became evidentwhen he was dealing with technical subjects like math, physics or chemistry.
When he was fifteen, Einstein already had a wide range of expertise in several scientific disciplines like geometry,mechanic of fluids, spatial physics and astronomy.
In 1905 Einstein published his most important theory, the theory of relativity. From that day the word like it was known would change forever.
The mostpart of our advanced technology could not be created without his theory, as a result the humanity not only used his technology for a better live but also to develop the most advance and lethal weaponof the word, the atomic bomb.
It is quite complicate to understand the relativity theory, advanced physics knowledge are necessary in order to do that. In resume it is a claim that says “A staticcorps, placed in a part of a three dimension plan, will change its position without change its reference point, according with the time which its plan moves.
As an example you may imagine that you arewatching a person traveling in a spacecraft in a 299 792 458 M/S (speed of the light in the vacuum), if you two arrive in the same place at the same time, you will notice that you get older than theother person in the spacecraft, because the time space is a function of the time.
In spite of the relativity theory has been created in the Europe, the USA was the main harbinger; spending lots ofmoney in researches and developing application for this new kind of energy like the Manhattan project.
The Manhattan project was a facility used to create and deploy atomic explosive around the word,...
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