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Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Idea Plan Backyard Rabbit Hutches No. IP 729-31

This Idea Plan is intended to provideeducational information and ideas concerning housing and equipment for small numbers of rabbits. The following attached drawings are based on historical plans and may not meet design and construction standardsfor your area: Hutches for Rabbits (USDA 6137) Rabbit House (USDA 6233) If you decide to build a facility similar to any of these plans, be sure to check building requirements for your area. Yourlocal building inspector, engineer, building supplier, or building contractor can help you determine what is a safe and legal facility for housing rabbits in your area. In addition to the rules andregulations covering design and construction of buildings, be sure to consider how you will handle the manure and potential nuisance problems for neighbors, including flies, odor, and noise. The Departmentof Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Penn State has a variety of educational material available related to agricultural and biological engineering. This material is intended to helpPennsylvania farmers and others develop buildings and facilities for modern, environmentally-compatible farm facilities. The material can be used in conjunction with county extension staff, builders,suppliers, consulting engineers, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, financial management advisors, farm lenders, veterinarians, and others to assemble a facilities plan suitable for local conditions.Publications are available in the areas of agricultural safety and health, animal housing systems, building and farmstead planning, crops and greenhouses, machinery systems and tractors, residentialhousing, soil and water resources, and solid waste management. Contact your county Penn State Extension Office for more information on these subjects. You can also obtain an index of publications...
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