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The day after the full moon, September 6th, you can buy a Brand Watch on tv. Sunday’s are good days to go see Akinari. Say ‘really?’ and ‘that’s a good point’ as he goes on about his life. Sun Arcana social link reaches level 2. You probably need the rest tonight.
Back in school September 6th, Monday. Going to practice with Kazushi but Chariot Arcanadoes not increase to 9. More sceneswith Chidori on September 7th, Tuesday. Went to themusic club with Keisuke and Fortune Arcana reached level 3. Just say ‘great job’. When you get back to the dorm on this night you still cannot go to the new area of Tartarus. Tanaka is around the mall though. Say ‘who’re you talking about’ and then ask him ‘is it always about the money?’ Devil Arcana Social Link reaches level 5.
September 9th Wednesday youmeet up with Junpei going to school. After school go see Yukosince this is the first day since break that you can see her. Say ‘Forget about what?’ and then ‘an instructor?’ Strength Arcana social link reaches level 9. Not much to do in the evening today so take Koromaru on a walk. He will find a Homunculus around the shrine.
In class September 10th Thursday you have a question to answer. Theanswer is Gochisou-sama. and your Charm will go up. You will learn from Shinjiro about how Chidori cannot fully control her persona. Went to practice with Kazushi and tell him ‘I’m fine’ at dinner. Chariot Arcana levels up to rank 9. You finally get a call from Elizabeth on this night.
You can now continue past floor 114 to the next area, Tziah. You can also find the Opulent Hand here, they dropthe Silver Medal. For this you get a Bone for Koromaru.
You will find the Empress Mirrors from the Elegant Mothers (floors 126-138). Your reward is 1Soma for this.
Find the Mikazuki Munechika in Tziah. This is a powerful sword. Your reward is Cup of King x2.
The 3 Gold Handguards can be acquired from the Samurai type glowing-pink enemies. These guys are extremely difficult and their only weaknessesare Hama and Mudo, hardly reliable offensive options. Your reward is 200000 Yen.
Find the Old Document 06 on Floor 139 and get Bead x5 from Elizabeth.
For the Beautiful Tile, head to Port Island Station alley to the west in the second screen. Instead of that bar, go in the gambling place to the right. You need courage to go in there and you have to play paper rock scissors. When you win youget Mahjong Tile. Bring this back to Elizabeth for Berserker’s Seal.
The next Terminal is at Floor 122. You will want members strong against Zio, or Personaestrong against Zio. They are weak against Bufu so bring Mitsuru. Her Tentarafoo can be the key in this battle in neutralizing the attacks of these tanks. The Arcane Turrets will show off their powerful attacks. For winning you get 950 EXP and 3Massive Wheels.
A really powerful boss awaits you, possibly the most annoying one you have fought yet. It is theSleeping Table on Floor 135. Sleeping Table is not weak against anything so you will have to hope for critical hits. Thus, bring along Shinjiro and have Eligor cast Revolution. Sleeping Table has some deadly attacks with Hamaon, Maragidyne, and Megidola. Because of the Agi (fire) youwill want to bring in either Junpei or Koromaru. Also it is helpful to have level 43 Yukari as she has Mediarama. The critical rate increase really helps your party in this battle as just a few group hits with powerful weapons should be the difference. You get 2535 EXP, Megido Gem, Balm of Life x2, Soma x1.
Reach Floor 139 and grab the Old Document 06. This is the end for now.
September 11thFriday you will be in Edogawa’s class. Choose The Hermetica for the correct answer and some Charm. Went out with Kazushi and he gave me some Sports Tape. Chariot Arcana will reach rank 10 and The Mighty God of Thunder, Thor, the ultimate Chariot Arcana can be unlocked. Hung out with Tower Arcana in the evening but it did not advance.
You can sleep or stay awake in class September 12th, Saturday. I...
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