Questioning god

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Questioning God – Finding me
Nowadays I am able to understand more than I have ever been able to, and this is due to extensive thinking, researches, and talks that lead me to what I am today.Although, that does not mean that I am finished searching for more knowledge and to optimize my wellbeing even further, it just means that I am moving forward in life and learning as I go.
Religion hasalways been a big part of my life, and growing up in Brazil, a country where Catholicism is the predominant religion, I had almost no choice but to pursue the same path as my family did. However, I didencounter many obstacles on the way; questions that I had, but was afraid to ask. When you are a child learning about religion it is hard to understand in depth what religion and God is, because youdo not have enough background knowledge, and it just makes answering those types of questions even harder. And today I find comforting to know that I was not the only person questioning God andreligion, some well-known religious figures like David J. Wolpe also have gone through a similar phase in life.
In my opinion, to truly understand God, you first need to understand yourself. And readingWolpe I started to re-question myself whether I had a good understating of God, and I realized that I might not have had the best understanding of it. In the beginning of Wolpe’s book, Why Faith Matters,he mentioned, ”we may think we’ve got all figured out, but it does not add up as neatly as a detective novel (Wolpe 12).” And consequently, a good portion of what I thought made sense all the suddenstarted to fall apart forcing me to start rebuilding a new foundation to my belief.
I always had a very shallow understanding of God, and to me that was enough, however, I was not being truthful tomyself, because deeply inside I new it all didn’t make sense, just parts of did. The only conclusion I had before reading Wolpe is that God is a creation of our imagination; it is an escape route we...
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