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Recycling and Sustainability
Carla de Q. Pacheco
Emirates Aviation College and Coventry University

This questionnaire is based on your personal opinion as anEK cabin crew. Please, do not hesitate to share your opinion. It is part of a student research project, and will be kept confidential.

1. On a scale from 10 very environmentally conscious to 1not very environmentally conscious, how would rate yourself?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2. Are there separated recycling containers outside your building provided by EK Emvironment or anyother?

Yes No

If yes, which provider?
EK Emvironment Emirates Environment Group Other

3. Do you recycle?
YesSometimes No

If SOMETIMES or NO, please tick the boxes that apply:
There are not recycling containers next to my building
The recycling containers are far from my building
The recyclingcontainers are always overloaded
My flatmate(s) do not cooperate
It is too much effort
I do not know how to recycle

4. Do you make use of the following type of recycling?Paper Plastic Glass Cans Clothing
* Recycling bins at home* Recycling containers provided by EK or other
* Recycling bins on the street* You do not recycle

5. Do you know what sustainability is?
Yes No I am not sure

6. From the sustainable practicesbelow, choose what you practice in your daily life (can be more than one)
Always Never Sometimes
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