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Son on a Protestant family, Bernard Shaw had an irregular education, receiving private lessons from his uncle.
When he was 16 years old, his parents divorced and his mother and his sister went to live in London. He stayed with his father in Dublin and went to work in an office. With the desire to become a writer, also moved to London in 1876.
Bernard Shaw wrote five novels (the firston titled “Immaturity”), without publishing them. Became involved with politics, and in doing rallies, developed an energetic speech, perceived in their texts.
With Beatrice and Sidney Webb founded the Fabian Society, an organization dedicated to transforming Britain into a socialist state through progressive legislation, based on the education of the masses.
Shaw lectured and wrote pamphlets.Alongside Shaw worked as an art critic and music critic and later as a theater critic for the “Saturday Review”.
In 1897, he wrote his first play, “The Widower’s Houses”. Over the years, he produced more than a dozen pieces, though few London theaters wanted to produce them. At this time, “Arms and The Man” and “Mrs. Warren´s Profession”.
In 1898, after an illness, Shaw retired as theater criticand married Charlotte Payne-Townsend, an Irish possession. The marriage lasted until Charlotte’s death in 1943.
In 1912, he wrote “Pygmalion”, which would become the musical “My Fair Lady”.
The writer remained active in the Fabian Society, the city government and on committees to eliminate the severity of censorship in playwriting and found a subsidized national theater.
The beginning of thewar in 1914, accounted for Shaw, the fall of the capitalist system and a tragic waste of young lives. The writer went on to express their opinions in a newspaper column entitled “Consensus about the War”. These articles turned into a disaster for the image of Shaw, now being treated as a stateless and even a traitor.
Shaw wrote only a single large piece during times of war. “Heartbreak House” inwhich projected his bitterness and despair about politics and society in Britain.
After the war, Shaw produced a series of five pieces, including “Back to Methuselah” and “Saint Joan”. In 1925, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
In 1950, Shaw fell from a ladder while trimming a tree on his property in the city of Hertfordshire, outside London. He died a few days later due to complications fromthe accident, at 94 years-old.


The play takes place in England in the early twentieth century. In Covent Garden, the Eynsford Hills are trying to get a taxi in the rain. When Freddy rushes to hail a passing taxi, he drops the flowers of a vendor on the floor. The florist named Eliza, accepts from the mother of Freddy and Colonel Pickering. A man observes that there is a guywriting what she’s talking about. Eliza confronts him, saying he had done nothing wrong. The man, whose name is Higgins, amazes the crowd imitating her accent and guessing the origin of each gift. Pickering and Higgins meet and decide to go to dinner. Before leaving, Higgins fills the basket of flowers with money. She goes away by taxi.
The next day, Eliza breaks into the house and she wantslessons in phonics. Pickering was present doubts the skills and Higgins bets that he cannot make her go through a society lady at the party of the Embassy there in a month. Higgins agrees and orders his housekeeper Eliza takes her to bath and dress properly. Later come Doolittle, Eliza’s father, who asks some payment. Higgins sympathizes with him and gives him five pounds.
Later, Ms. Higgins iswriting some letters in her home when she is interrupted by her son, who leaves her shocked to tell who is a florist for bringing her home. The Eynsford Hills arrive for a visit, and Eliza arrives shortly after with her new ways and her new accent. Freddy is fascinated immediately. Eliza makes the mistake of cursing and describes alcoholism of her aunt, and she ends up being sent away by Higgins....
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