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The New Name in Vinyl Additives

A New Leader
Galata Chemicals, more than just a change in name
Galata Chemicals is a global marketer of specialty chemicals and products that service the PVC and associated industries. Building on the company’s valuable intellectual property and over 40 years operating experience, Galata Chemicals has the people, the products and the ‘know how’ to createoptimized solutions that will add value to their customers’ products and help them grow.

The information in this brochure is designed to provide a general overview of the wide range of products available from our US facility. Please refer to Galata’s other brochures for additional information on products from our European facility and for product performance data classified by application. For moredetailed product information and literature on specific applications and product groups, please contact Galata.


Galata Chemicals

The New Name in Vinyl Additives

Trusted Brands
Galata offers a wide range of novel additive solutions. Product and technical innovation is core to the company strategy, driving the development of new additives for its traditional customer base and allowing expansion intonew markets. Building on the portfolio of trusted brands, new product development focuses on delivering greener and more sustainable solutions to the market. These include boosters to help optimize the cost/performance profile of heat stabilizers in PVC formulations; high performance, heavy-metal-free organic based stabilizers for flexible PVC applications; a new generation of octyl tinstabilizers; REACh* friendly liquid mixed metals for flexible and semirigid PVC applications; high performance epoxidized soybean oil plasticizers and new impact modifiers for PVC and engineering polymers.
*Registration, Evaluation & Authorization of Chemicals

Production, sales and technical service around the globe With a strong, global technical service and sales footprint, and principal productionfacilities in Taft, Louisiana, USA and Lampertheim, Germany, the company is backward integrated into the key intermediates for both its’ tin and mixed metal stabilizers, allowing customers to benefit from a consistent, secure and reliable product supply partner. The vinyl additives product range: • Mark® Tin Heat Stabilizers • Mark® Mixed Metal Heat Stabilizers • Mark® OBS® Heavy-Metal-Free Stabilizers •Mark® & Weston® Liquid Phosphite Esters • Mark® Inhibitors • Mark® Kickers and Boosters • Marklube® Lubricants • Drapex® Epoxidized Compounds • Markstat® Antistatic Agents • Blendex® and Royaltuf® Polymer Modifiers • Actafoam® and Celogen® Chemical Foaming Agents Typical PVC applications: • Credit and smart cards • Rigid and flexible packaging • Rigid pipes and pipe fittings • Rigid profiles and woodcomposites • Vinyl siding • Roofing, flooring and wall coverings • Pool liners and geo-membranes • Coated fabrics and tarpaulins • Artificial leather • Medical tubes and packaging • Toys • Flexible hoses • Wire and cable

Galata Chemicals LLC production site at Taft, Louisiana, USA Management System Certified by

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Number QSR-152

The New Name in Vinyl Additives



Heat Stabilizers
Mark® Methyltin Mercaptides
Mark® Methyltin Mercaptides represent the standard in PVC pipe and profile extrusion and injection molding. End uses include PVC pipe and pipe fittings used in potable-water, DWV, conduit and duct applications, and rigid profiles applications such as vinyl siding and windows.

Mark® Methyltin Mercaptides Product Name
Mark® 1900 Mark® 1925 Mark® 1939Mark® 1941 Mark® 1971 Mark® 1984E Mark® 1993 Mark® 1995 Mark® 1998 Mark® 2903 Mark® 2910

Supply form


Application Recommendation:
General purpose extrusion, injection molding and calendering: Mark® 1900 FDA extrusion, blow molding, food packaging: Mark® 1984E, Mark® 1995 Emphasis on early color hold: Mark® 2912, 1921E, Mark®...
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