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PEGASO Project - Petrobras

Commitment to environment preservation
Petrobras is committed to the sustainable development and promotes the most audacious environmental and operational safety program ever realized in Brazil
he Petrobras Company wants to guarantee its own position as one of the companies in the world which most respect our environment. A real proof ofthat is the amount of more than one billion dollars that the company is investing on the PEGASO Project – Program of Excellence in Environmental Management and Occupational Safety (Programa de Excelência em Gestão Ambiental e Segurança Operacional), in the attempt to improve its environmental results and to reach the excellence on its operations, processes, products and services. The PEGASO isactually being considered as one of the most environmental and operational safety program which has ever been realized in Brazil. This program represents a decisive step towards the consolidation of the new business model inside Petrobras, which is committed to the sustainable development, as well as intends to include the company in the international world, with the presence on the main world markets,and the leadership inside the Latin-American industry. The program has started in the whole country in April 2000, in an effort which


includes Petrobras strategy to reduce the emissions, residuals, effluents, as well as the improvement of the program of prevention and control of accidents on each and every Petrobras workshop, all over the five regions within the country. The PEGASO goalis to be concluded in 2003, and the first results already can be seen: all main pipelines of the company have already reached a high level of automation degree, showing the efforts which Petrobras has been doing on the prevention of accidents. Siemens has been chosen to supply the solutions in automation, and is the responsible for the modernization of many units. The use of a modular sy stemguarantees to Petrobras a total flexibility over the solutions’ acquisition. It means that the company may either purchase the complete automation system, including the Programmable Controllers and the respective electromechanical engineering, configuration services and commissioning, or simply purchase stand-alone products. Siemens has been part of the team on the Revamp of Replan in Paulínia (SP),clearly demonstrating our capacity to

work regionally, by using the technology which places us as the world leader in industrial automation. Fail-safe systems have been implemented, adding a better safety and a superior performance when compared to those offered by conventional systems. Siemens has also developed the solution that will allow to the refinery Presidente Getúlio Vargas (REPAR) themonitoring of the 11 kilometers of pipelines of all subsuppliers of Pet ro b ras, avoiding environmental damage even in case of an eventual leakage. Due to the actuation of the regional teams, Siemens is also involved on the Revamp of the refineries de Duque de Caxias (RJ), Manaus (AM) and Salvador (BA), as well as on the unit in Guararema, em São Paulo, thus confirming the efficiency of the modeldefined by Petrobras. And the partnership does not finish at this point. With the use of our expertise in the field of industrial automation, Siemens also supplies consulting services, while considering that the sum of efforts on both sides is the key to the achievement of great results.

Partnership of Results
etrobras is aware of its own play in the new role of the oil and gas Brazilianmarket, and the company has gradually dedicated great efforts to modernization and to the sustained development. The compromise that has been assumed with the implementation of the Program of Excellence in Environmental Management and Occupational Safety (Programa de Excelência em Gestão Ambiental e Segurança Operacional) consists on the stronger example of this awareness, showing an innovative...
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