Processo comercial

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1) Commercial Process

Bellow you will find step by step the main commercial producers:

a. Development and negotiation: there are 2 ways the Pernambucanas develops its collection:
I. Sending a briefing of the collection and working with supplier’s styles guided by Pernambucanas product managers and fashion designers;
II. Sending detailed styles sheets with sketches,photos or samples. These files are sent in advanced providing to the suppliers enough time to study and quote them with its partners. If there’s any doubt, the supplier must contact the related product manager (buyer).
Note: for both options, Pernambucanas provides its own size specs, breakdowns details, accessories requested and fabrics specifications. We sent quality swatches when possible.The supplier must send a swatch of each quoted fabric for quality approval before or during the negotiation.
III. All samples must be made according to the size requested. We fit all samples on actual models, changing samples size makes these fitting impossible. Generally, samples seizers are indicated one the styles sheets. If for any reason you don’t know it, please ask it to the buyer.b. The buyers only negotiate on board delivery dates. It means that dates described on Purchase Orders (P.O.’s) are the ones that goods must be loaded on a sailing vessel. If the supplier works with ex-work/ex-factory dates, please add 10 or more days in your schedule to finish production and packaging.

c. Purchase order: it is issued after the spec sheet approval. By this timethe article number and purchase order number are created and sent to the suppliers. The article number must be printed on a label stitched on the product. Look for more information about article label on Tags chapter.

d. Proforma invoice: after prices negotiation and purchase order issued, we ask for the proforma invoice to start documentation process. On this document you must inform theestimated unit net weight of each style negotiation. This weight must be really close to the real one. Please, look for more information further on this manual, on Documentation Process chapter.

e. Samples required: Pernambucanas requires some samples for every negotiated style. Each brand demands a specific size samples (generally described on the style sheet), as all samples are fittedon actual models. All samples must be sent on the right size (including production samples), if you don’t know which one is the sample size required for your program, please ask for the buyer. Bellow are described the main required samples:
IV. 1st sample - for fitting purpose: 2 pieces must be produced on the required fabric and considering the suggested measures described on specsheets.
V. 2nd sample – pre-production purpose: 3 pieces must be produced on these samples whenever there’s an important change to be done on previous sent samples. Generally, the styles are cancelled if the 2nd sample isn’t approved. This is the last sample required before the production starts. It must be exactly the same that will be produced, including all embroideries, colors andcustomized trimmings. The quality will be approved and the supplier can start the production only after this confirmation. 2nd sample (when available) may be considered the shipment sample, since all requirements to be considered a pre-production sample are available.
VI. 3rd sample - shipment purpose: Pernambucanas requires one sample in each color combination selected from the production,including all accessories (hangtags, customized trimming, special packages, hangers - when request - and others). If the style was developed considering only one color way, the supplier must send 4 samples form the same color combo.
Important: shipment samples must be at Pernambucanas’ office at least 40 days before the shipment date.
VII. Color lab dips: after prices negotiation...
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