Present simple vs present continuous

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Present simple and present continuous

|Present simple |
|We use the present simple to talk about: ||regular habits and routines. |
|We usually go rollerblading at the weekend. |
|permanent situations.|
|David lives in Manchester. |
|scientific facts. |
|Water boils at100˚C. |
|states, not actions, e.g. like, believe, know. |
|She doesn’t like chorizo.|
|Present continuous |
|We use the present continuous to talk about: |
|something that is happening now or|
|‘around now’. |
|They’re playing tennis at the moment. ||temporary situations. |
|He’s visiting his grandparents in Ibiza. |
|changing or developing situations.|
|The number of car accidents every year |
|is increasing. |
|futurearrangements. |
|She’s going to the cinema this evening. |

1 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the presentsimple or present continuous.

Kim usually visits (visit) her cousins at
the weekend.

At the moment Linda is working (work) as a motorcycle courier.

1 Tom ……………… often ………………
(not go)...
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