Present continuous

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 I have been trying to find a better job
 She has been losing weight since she stopped eating too many sweets
 We have beenworking together for many years
 Have you been doing your work properly?
 She has been calling her boyfriend since this morning.
 James has been teaching atthe university since June.
 They?ve been living here for ten years.
 She has been watching too much television lately.
 Have you been exercising lately?
Mary has been feeling a little depressed.
 Lisa has not been practicing her English.
 What have you been doing?
 Recently, I have been feeling reallytired.
 What have you been doing for the last 30 minutes?
 I have been living here since 2001.
 I have been working all afternoon.
 Oh, the kitchen is amess. Who has been cooking?
 I've been working too long on computer.
 He's been phoning me all week for an answer.
 I am walking in a long dark tunne
I am finishing the report now.
 They are making cars now.
 Car are being made now.
 Giberto Gil is singing now.
 It is happening now.
 You mustsubstituting an artificial sweetener for sugar if you are diabetic now.
 The waitress is washing the dishes.
 The cat is sleeping on the roof.
 They are dancingtogether.
 Martha is not cooking the dinner today.
 Are they playing soccer again?
 Is she coming to the party tonight?
 Tom is not watching sports onTV.
 I am not expecting an answer now! Call me tomorrow and give me your answer.
 What are you doing here?
 They are expecting to know the truth.
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