Praising the employees

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Praising employees for a great job gives incentive for still making progress in the company. It is important for the employees to know what they are doing their jobs well, this give gas to them keepdoing their jobs right. The managers should take time to talk and ask if everything is right, this way employee will know that their work is appreciated. Another thing that companies do these days isgive a certificate or a letter to the employee who has been doing a good job at the company.
On the other hand it is important to avoid praising employees all the time. The manager has to make surethat praise gets around to every employee who deserves it and the others who do not receive it, provide a chance for self-examination for talk and seeing what is going on in their job.
Praiseemployees apply on of the motivational theory, which is equity theory.
Equity theory is about personal outcomes and inputs. Outcomes are rewards, like recognition, promotion, and payment. And inputs arecontributions such as effort, education and skills. (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008)
Praise is one of the positive outcomes. For example: The boss recognize the employees job and they will get areward like, promotions, raise the salary, vacation, workless or a bonus.
Equity says that will cause the employees will work harder.

Ensure that the employee sees how their work contributes tothe big picture. For the employees are valuable that they know how do they work for the company, what are the company goals, what their goals are for the company.
The managers should make adocumentation plan that shows to the employee how his work is valuable. This way the employees will know how important their job is for everyone. Every single job it is important and makes such differences tothe company, all sectors count.
Applies to Goal-setting theory is objectives to achieve.
For goal setting are there are three important aspects to employees thy harder to achieve their goals, first...
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