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Maranhão is one of 27 units in Brazil. It is located west of the Northeast and is limited to the North Atlantic Ocean, east Piaui, south and southeast Pará and Tocantins to the west. Alittle larger than Italy and slightly smaller than Germany, the state occupies an area of 331,935.507 km ² [1], being the 2nd largest state in size in the Northeast and 8 of the country is the 4th richeststate (GDP ) Of the Northeast and the 16th largest economy (GDP) of Brazil.


Fortress is a Brazilian city, capital of Ceara state. It belongs to the meso and the Fortaleza Metropolitanmicroregion of Fortaleza. The city has developed on the banks of the creek Pajeú in the northeast of the country, 2285 km from Brasilia. Its toponymy is an allusion to Schoonenborch Fort, built bythe Dutch during his second stay in place between 1649 and 1654. The city's motto (present in his coat) is the Latin word "Fortitudine" which in Portuguese means "strength, valor, courageBrazilian tourism cities




St. LouisMaranhão oferece of historical places for tourists to learn a little more of his magic.

• Avenida Pedro II
• Palace of the Lions
• Palace La Ravardière
• Church Cathedral
• Episcopal Palace
•Teatro Arthur Azevedo
• Lagoa da Jansen
• Historical Museum and Art
• Praia do Futuro
• Beach Icaraí Historical
•Banana Pond

Tourist Points of MaranhãoChurch of Prainha Avenida Pedro II

Historical Museum Teatro Arthur Azevedo

Tourist Points offortress

Theatro José de Alencar

Church of Prainha Metropolitan Cathedral

But the city of Fortaleza - Ceará is not only the Land...
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