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Principles in Marketing

Harvard Case Study

I. Time Frame

2009. According to the survey and Internet sources, Dunkin’ Donuts was no longer on the no. 1 spot in terms of donutstores in the Philippines. Go Nuts beat Dunkin’ Donut as the top rank donut store in the Philippines.

II. Viewpoint

• Marketing Manager
• Brand Marketing Officer• Financial manager

III. Statement of the problem

How can Dunkin’ Donuts bring back the sales that it had lost from its main products particularly, coffee and doughnut, and regain itsposition as the number one doughnut and coffee franchise in the Philippines?

IV. Statement of objective

To meet its desired sales as well its position as the leading Donut house by promoting notonly the quality of their donut but also with their coffee.

IV. Major Areas of concern/ Areas of concern

• Head-on competition with other doughnut stores
The Dunkin’ DonutPhilippines is experiencing heavy competition with their competitors since the promotion, the packaging as well as the product have large similarity.
• Lack of promotion and advertisementUnlike before, the Dunkin’ Donuts is not visible in terms of commercial and other kinds of advertisement that lead their competitors to run near to them.
• Unattractive PackagingDunkin’ Donuts packaging image doesn’t develop since they launched their first ever packaging.

• Less variants and flavors of their coffee.
Dunkin Donuts only offer limited flavors ofcoffee that can only suit limited wants of customers.
• Slow/poor service from employees
Some employees are not well trained and not having enough experience to their work.

VI.Alternative Courses of Action

1. Develop a new way and stylish packaging of Dunkin Donuts’ products.
Advantage: New packaging attracts customer’s attention.
Disadvantage: Expenses; some...
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