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PBC Goals

Increase T-shaped skills through experience and deep knowledge in PBS.

* Develop Knowlege inside the teams tracking knowledge

* CoE Instructor

* Titans Team Leader

Deepen and focus on leadership skill people. To achieve this I will continue my mentoring and begin to attend postgraduate in areas related to leadership and / or management of people.

* Coaching

EmidioRicardo - I gave him constantly feedbacks about his approach with the team. This approach was hard and with no coaching. Ricardo was developing it since I was asking him to handle the most of Billing issues to be reviewed with CSRs and teaching them how to handle next time. I added him in CSRs trainning, WUM leadership and daily bases problem solving. With his visibility with the team was growingup and he was promoted to B6. Patricia Calabria - In 2012 with my manager's intruction I was responsible to atribute more functions and responsability to Patricia in order to follow her growth. It was a plan to integrate and construct a new image to her in the team. My suggestion to my manager was move her to Canada portion as the focal since one of the best CSR from the team was leaving IBM. Withthat Patricia needed to organize the Canada brand and with the TL write down all Canada process. CSR and TL working with Process Consultant were able to validate all processes written by us and be published per Process Consultant. It was the greatest and highest achievement to Canada Team/position in 2 years. With that in October, 2012 Patricia Calabria was promoted to B6. Ana Carolina - During2012 TL worked with the CSR in order to assume TL position with the team. We had time to discuss action plans in the team, strategy, Leadership. Ana Carolina was suggested as my backup by me to my manager after I noticed her pro activity, interest and potencial in being a TL. She is now acting as TL with ISS Team. * Mentoring in Leadership with Second Line Regina Shizuno * Mentoring in PersonalBrand and Presentation with manager Claudete Landy (Global Sales Adm / TReX Project Office) * Global Buddy Program with Angela Wilson (Solutions Contract Manager - US) and Lucia Mackova (CF CHW Direct/BP GIT Manager - Bratislava) Monthly Achievements - EXTRA January *Participated in SaaS contract migration process (Rational to MSS) as ISS Coordinator for New Orders and Billing. 45 contractssuccessfully migrated from SWG to ISS. Working with PC, PM and Brand. *Active pasticipated to aged dispute open for Mainline (8Q9GHC). Going beyond and working with PBS Dispute TL and Hardware Contract CSR in order to find the correct contract migration. THANK YOU note from Dispute Manager, ISS Manager mentioning Embrace Challenge, Partner for client's success and Collaborate globally. *New missionreceived. Data Remedition being integrated to the Team. Sucessfully internal movement. (ISS LA to ISS US). Welcome meeting. Trainning to TL. Metrics

*Function Integration. Leadership in preparing trainning to integrate Activation process to NO and Renewal. Working cross team (ISS LA x ISS US/CA). Presentation and support during the month. Updating Activation Desk with new situation. *Leadership andproblem solving in one of the biggest issue for ISS. Exxon Contract. Team aligment, education, brand relationship (bridge with team, brand and backoffice), issue understanding and recognition. Solution found (copy of the contract X replacement). *Named as daily call focal and chair with US second line and peers *Manager has sent a Thanks note to the Team and TL as a recognition to TL co-leadership,trustworthiness and knowledge *Thank you note from Luciana Romanetto because of my assistence in closing a dispute for Mainline. She mentioned my assistance with the dispute and with the process. February *Action Plan created for PBB Orders in order to not miss the releases anymore. Flow between NO, Billing and MSS Billing. First month numbers: no orders were missed to be released. *Completed...
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