Ping pong

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Ping pong

Ping pong is a simple game, where the objective of table tennis are that you have to try and get the ball on the opposite site of where your serving from without the opponent hitting it back

One of the reasons that we can take to play ping pong is how this sport can improve our health, mentally but also physically!
Improves blood circulation.
Develops speed and reasoning ability.
Improves coordination and reflexes.
Improves vision and exercises the brain nerves.
It's great for burning calories.
In a game there is physical shock, preventing injuries and fights.
It is considered one of the sports where you use more reasoning.

Everyone can play the game table tennis. In this game there is no age and gender restriction. Therefore, the whole family can participate together, practicing.In this sport, there isn't so advantage to being older, the chances are equal for all.

For those who want to be an Olympic athlete high level, this is an individual sport so it does not depend on others to win.
No need for a special biotype. Just have technique and skill.
No need to sacrifice / abandon their studies to reach a high level.
There aren't many athletes, so there is a greater chance of reaching a national team.

Recent studies have shown that due to its quality of helping the brain invigorate, ping pong significantly improves concentration and it can be successfully used for ameliorating the symptoms experienced by patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the sport contributing greatly to keeping these patients alert and active, and doing the same for healthy people as well.
Playing table tennis is an intense physical activity and it does not lack passion either, making it perfect for relaxing your mind after a stressful day at the office. An excellent means to blow off some steam, ping pong can relieve stress and ameliorate the symptoms of depression as well.

Table tennis (ping-pong) is definitely enjoyable.
It's one of the few


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