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Application Diagram
This application diagram shows a typical scenario for the Wireless-G Broadband Router. Steps 1, 2, and 3 will explain how to connect the Router to a PC with an Ethernet adapter, configure the PC(s), and configure the Router’s basic settings.
This Quick Installation is meant to help you install the product quickly and easily. For detailed instructions on installation,configuration, and further setup options, please consult the User Guide.

C. Connect one end of an Ethernet network cable to one of the LAN ports (labeled 1-4) on the back of the Router, and the other end to an Ethernet port on a PC. Repeat this step to connect additional PCs or other network devices to the Router.

Configure the PCs
Before setting up the Router, make sure your PCs are configured toobtain an IP (or TCP/IP) address automatically from the Router. For Windows 98, Millennium, and XP using the default interface, refer to the User Guide on the Setup CD-ROM or your Windows documentation. The following instructions apply only to Windows 2000 or XP using the Classic interface (in which the icons and menus look like previous Windows versions). A. Click the Start button. SelectSettings and click the Control Panel icon. Double-click the Network and Dial-up Connections icon. B. Select the Local Area Connection icon for the applicable Ethernet adapter (usually it is the first Local Area Connection listed). Doubleclick the Local Area Connection. Click the Properties button.

Notebook with Wireless-G Adapter

Instant Wireless Series

Wireless-G Broadband Router
There aretwo ways to configure the Router. Choose one of the following:
• Run the Setup CD-ROM - It is

Notebook with Wireless 802.11b Adapter


strongly recommended that you use the Setup CD-ROM to install the Router. Insert the Setup CDROM into the CD-ROM drive, and follow the on-screen instructions.
• Use this Quick Installation guide -

D. Connect a different Ethernet network cable fromyour cable or DSL modem to the Internet port on the Router’s rear panel. This is the only port that will work for your modem connection.

Cable or DSL Modem Router PC with Ethernet Adapter

E. Power on the following devices in this order: cable or DSL modem, Router, and PCs. F. Make sure the Power and Internet Link/Act LEDs on the front panel light up green. The Diag LED will light up red fora few seconds when the Router goes through its self-diagnostic test. This LED will turn off when the self-test is complete. If it does not turn off, refer to “Appendix A: Troubleshooting” of the User Guide on the Setup CD-ROM.

Package Contents • One Wireless-G Broadband Router (1) • One Power Adapter (2) • One Category 5 Ethernet Network Cable (3) • One Setup CD-ROM with User Guide (4)• One Quick Installation • One Registration Card

If you wish, you can use the Router’s web-based utility to install the Router. Proceed to Step 1, and follow the Quick Installation’s instructions.

Connect the Wireless-G Broadband Router
A. Before you begin, make sure that you have the setup information for your specific type of Internet connection. The installation technician from your ISPshould have left this information with you after installing your broadband connection. If not, you can call your ISP to request the settings. B. Make sure that all of your network’s hardware is powered off, including the Router, PCs, and cable or DSL modem.

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Proceed to Step 2.

C. Make sure the box next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked. Highlight InternetProtocol (TCP/IP), and click the Properties button.

Configure the Wireless-G Broadband Router
These instructions will show you how to configure the Router. You only need to configure the Router once using any computer you have set up. A. Open your web browser. Enter in its Address field. Press the Enter key.

D. For the Configuration Type setting, four connections types are...
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