Phasal verbs lista completa

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• Ask out: ask someone to go on a date
• Bring about: cause
• Bring up: 1) rear children 2) mention or introduce a topic
• Call back: return a telephone call
• Call in: ask tocome to an official place for a special reason
• CALL OFF: cancel
• Call on*: 1) visit 2) ask a student a question in class
• Call up: call on the telephone
• CATCH UP (WITH)*: reachthe same position or level as someone
• Check in*: register at a hotel
• Check into*: investigate
• Check out: 1) borrow a book from a library 2) investigate
• Cheer up: make(someone) feel happier
• Clean up: make clean and orderly
• Come across*: find by chance
• Cross out: draw a line through
• Cut out: stop an annoying activity
• Do over: repeat• DROP BY*: visit informally
• Drop in (on)*: visit informally
• Drop off: leave something/someone somewhere
• Drop out (of)*: stop going to school or class
• Figure out: findthe answer by logic
• Fill out: complete a form
• Find out: discover information
• Get along (with)*: to have a good relationship with
• Get back (from): 1) return from somewhere 2)receive again
• Get in, get into*: 1) enter a car 2) arrive
• Get off*: leave any vehicle
• Get on*: enter any vehicle
• Get out of*: 1) leave a car 2) avoid some unpleasantactivity
• Get over*: recover from an illness
• Get through*: finish
• Get up*: arise from bed, a chair etc.
• Give back: return something to someone
• Give up: stop doing something• Go over*: review or check
• Grow up*: become an adult
• HAND IN: submit an assignment
• Hang up: 1) stop a telephone conversation 2) put up clothes on a line or a hook
•Have on: wear
• Keep out (of): not enter
• Keep up (with)*: stay at the same position or level
• Kick out (of): force (someone) to leave
• Look after*: take care of
• LOOK...
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