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Illuminating Kerosene
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PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS TheILLUMINATING KEROSENE BR is a compound made of a mixture of aliphatic, naphtenic and aromatic compounds, with distillation zone between 150°C and 300°C. The ILLUMINATING KEROSENEBR has a broad distillation curve, granting it an excellent dilution power and a slow evaporation rate. Its flash point offers a relative handling safety. MAINAPPLICATIONS PAINT INDUSTRY The ILLUMINATING KEROSENE BR is an excellent paint diluent, used to regulate the viscosity and to grant the paint a retouchability power, which ispossible due to its slow evaporation.

OTHER APPLICATIONS - It can be used as a paraffin and carnauba wax diluent in the manufacture of floor wax. - It is broadly used as anant and termite insecticide vehicle. ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH The ILLUMINATING KEROSENE BR is a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, containing average aromatic percentage,which flash point is about 40ºC. It must be kept away from combustion points, flames and sparks. It is classified as irritant product. The aspiration of its vapors andprolonged contact of the liquid with the skin must be avoided.

Product Characteristics

Initial boiling point Final boiling point Flash Point Density(20/4ºC) Cinematic viscosity at 20ºC Saybolt color Content of aromatics Content of Aliphatics + Naphthenics Sulfur content Suspended material Aspects

Methods ofAnalysis
ASTM D - 86 ASTM D - 86 ASTM D - 56 ASTM D - 4052 ASTM D - 445 ASTM D - 156 ASTM D - 4367 ASTM D - 4294 Visual

Typical Value
150 252 46 0,760 - 0,822 8 + 25 12 88
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