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Brand Survey


Since Sony is one of my Top 10 brand and a brand that I am loyal and regular user, it was the brand chosen to conduct a survey at Sony is awell-known brand for Electronics, offering design, high-quality, and a large variety of products. As all brands in the Electronic segment, the brand faces a large and intense competition in every niche(cameras, laptops, tv, audio, mobile phones, etc).
My family has been using the brand since I was a child: we still have our cassette player, vinyl, and Discman. I’ve been using the brand for more than 15years, I really love Sony. Since Sony means quality to me, all my home electronic devices in Brazil are from this brand (laptop, blue-ray, tv, Ipod deck, car audio system, home theater).
I sent thesurvey for family members (in Brazil), friends (all over the world), and co-workers (in Brazil); the average age is between 22-55 years old (male/ female). They are all electronic users in differentways (photographers, students, musicians, tv producer, etc). I ended up surveying 22 persons.
I asked 8 questions as follows:
1. Do you have any product from Sony?
2. How many products fromSony do you own?
3. Which products do you have?
4. How did you hear about the brand?
5. Which other brands do you use?
6. How long time have you been using Sony?
7. How would you ratethe brand?
8. Would you recommend Sony?

Survey Results

As I was expecting, everybody that answered the survey (22 persons = 100%) have something from Sony in their houses. It isdefinitely an established brand that it is part of our lives (brand’s essence = present in your life).

We all know that everybody surveyed have some product from Sony, and based on numbers you can seethat people really like the brand: more than 30% have 6 or more products; and just 13,6% only have one product, what is also not bad, once the brand is still inside of people’s house (penetration)....
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