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Questions of the book

1. What’s the importance of wearing a condom during intercourse?
The condom is really important because it prevent both pregnancy and STD’S.

2. If you are a boy,do you know the right way to put on a condom so that it can really protect you?
Yes, I know how to do it because I have already seen a lot of lectures about this issue.

3. You and yourboyfriend/ girlfriend have been dating steadily for over a year. You decided to star having sexual relation. What should you do before you start?
In the first place, we should talk to our parents; andafter it we should look for a doctor help together. If the person doesn’t feel free to talk to their parents about sex; he/she should talk, at least, with a doctor.

4. Do you believe you arewell-informed about how to avoid pregnancy and STD’S?
Yes, we believe we are well-informed about how to avoid pregnancy and STD’S.

5. Do you talk your family about these issues? Do theyprovide you with information about them?
We talk generally, but we don’t go deeper on these issues.

6. Are your friends and teen magazine your only source of information about sex?
No, theyaren’t. We also have internet, lectures, doctors and family as source of these kinds of information.

7. Do you access the internet to get additional information about sex? Which sites?
Yes,we access the internet to get additional information about sex. These are some sites we access:,

8. What are your main doubts in regards to sex?
We didn’t know how touse contraceptives, when the women’s fertile period begins; and we had a lot of doubts about different contraceptives.

9. Do you think your school is a good place to get information about sex?Yes, we do.

10. Would you feel free to talk about sex in front of your classmates?
Yes, we would fell free to talk about sex in front of our classmates.

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