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Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development

The Professional's Guide to Programming Joomla!

James Kennard


Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development
The Professional's Guide to Programming Joomla!
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About the Author
James Kennard is a computer programmer with a particular interest in web-based
services. His interests in Joomla! started as a resultof an internal assignment at work when he was tasked with identifying suitable web systems to host a number of intranet and Internet applications. James currently maintains one open-source Joomla! component, which has been translated into over fifteen languages. Examples of his work can be found on his personal website: www.webamoeba.co.uk.

About the Reviewers
Joseph L. LeBlanc started withcomputers at a very young age. His independent
education gave him the flexibility to experiment and learn computer science. Joseph holds a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the Oral Roberts University. Joseph is currently a freelance Joomla! extension developer. He released a popular component tutorial in May 2004, then later authored the book Learning Joomla! 1.5 ExtensionDevelopment: Creating Modules, Components, and Plugins with PHP. Work samples and open-source extensions are available at www.jlleblanc.com. In addition to freelancing, he is a board member of the DC PHP Conference. He has also worked as a programmer for a web communications firm in Washington, DC.

Riccardo Tacconi works for an Italian company as a system administrator and

web developer usingPHP, MySQL, and Oracle. He is an MCP and studies IT part-time at the British Open University. His main interests are web development, Windows and Linux administration, Robotics, and Java software development (JMF, motion detection, CV, and distributed systems). He loves Linux and he is a proud member of the local Linux User Group: GROLUG. He tries to innovate ways to substitute Windows-basedtechnologies with Linux and open-source alternatives.

Table of Contents
Preface Chapter 1: Introduction to Joomla!
Overview History Requirements Extension Types and Their Uses Components Modules Plugins Languages Templates Tools Extension Manager JED and JoomlaCode.org Development Tools J!Code J!Dump Summary The Application and Document Request to Response The Process URI Structure Directory...
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