Of mice and men análise

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Of Mice and Men – Jon Steinbeck´s

In this essay I will try to do a brief analysis of the novel-play Of Mice and Men write by John Steinbeck, in relation to the Peter Szondi´s Theory of Modern Drama in which is marked a developing crisis of modern drama caused by the growing split between subject and object.
The title of the novel-play was influenced by Robert Burns's poem, To a Mouse, since the originally title was Something That Happened. We can read this work as a novella, as well as a play. However, Steinbeck’s intention seems to have been make this story be more of a play, if we analyze some aspects he uses in this work, as the ‘omniscient narrator’ who knows what the characters are thinking, which enables a theatrical performance more complete. Of Mice and Men is one of the most famous works by John Steinbeck, in which he sums up the dramatic facets of life and the hardship of exploited workers. The play tells a story of two men, George and Lennie, this, a "giant" with mental problems, and that a smart and extremely versatile worker in dealing with the day-to-day. These men live with jobs that they find in their wanderings by the agricultural portion of the United States, trying to save money with the hope that one day they will have a own land, not needing to submit to exploitation of others. They are moved by this dream that contrast with their very difficult lives and with little chance of social rising. In Theory of Modern Drama Peter Szondi studies the crisis of drama, focusing on the aspect of literature epic effect. Szondi points some fundamentals characteristics of the classic drama, as the idea that “the drama is absolute”. To be purely relational (in the sense of dramatic) “it must break loose from everything external. It can be conscious of nothing outside itself.” In this way, Szondi states that:
“The dramatist is absent from the Drama. He does not speak; he institute discussion. The Drama is not written, it is set. All the lines


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