Notting hill carnival

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Notting Hill Carnival

This is a picture of the Notting Hill Carnival. No, it's not Carnival in _______________,

it's Carnival in London! Every summer, lots of __________ take to the____________ in Notting

Hill, west ____________, to watch local ___________ and children parade in the _____________.

People wear colorful costumes and listen to the ______________ and ______________.And they enjoy the ______________ food.

I ____________ the Notting Hill Carnival!

Answer the questions:
1. What is Jane talking about?____________________________________________________________


2. Where does the event happen?


3. What do people do during that event?____________________________________________________________


Cultural center

Tomorrow we're having a long _________, so get ready. You come to _________ as normal, andwe're having a class _________ from seven-thirty to _________. At ten-thirty we're leaving the _

_________and taking a _________ to the cultural _________. At the cultural center we_________ meeting the other _________ and over there we're watching the exhibition (in

_________!) on books about _________. We are also having lunch there, so bring your sandwiches

and_________. You can buy your _________ there if you want - there's a snack bar on the site.

After lunch we are _________ to Vidigal to get to _________ other teens better. You're

interviewing themand they are ______________. They are also putting on a _________ for us,

but they say this is a ____________, so I don't know what they have in _________.

Check (x) the correct items:
1.( ) The students are arriving at school at 7:30.
2. ( ) They are leaving the school at 10 o'clock.
3. ( ) They are going to the cultural center by bus.
4. ( ) At the cultural center they are...
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