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[i]*Antes de começar: uma dica pra quem quer o achievement de terminar o jogo em menos de 30h: Sempre pegue taxis pela cidade,quando morrer em uma missão dê loading no jogo e poupe seu tempo,deixe pra fazer as missões paralelas,pombos,rampas e etc após completar o jogo.[/i]

[i]Porcentagem do jogo,quanto cada missão vale e tudo o que você precisa saber pra completar 100%:[/i]

Missões da história principal:

-The Cousins Bellic
-It’s Your Call
-Three’s a Crowd
-First Date
-Bleed Out
-Easy Fare
-Jamaican Heat
-Uncle Vlad
-Logging On
-Roman’s Sorrow
-Hostile Negotiation
-Weekend at Florian’s
-That Special Someone

-Bull in a China Shop
-Hung Out to Dry
-Clean Getaway
-Ivan the Not So Terrible

Little Jacob
-Concrete Jungle

-Crime and Punishment
-Do You Have Protection?
-Final Destination
-No Love Lost
-Rigged to Blow
-The Master and the Molotov
-Russian Revolution

-Search and Delete
-Easy As Can Be
-Out of the Closet: Part 1
-Out of the Closet: Part 2
-No. 1

-Escuela of the Street
-Street Sweeper
-Luck of the Irish
-Blow Your Cover
-The Puerto Rican Connection
-The Snow Storm
-Have a Heart

Playboy X
-Deconstruction for Beginners
-Photo Shoot
-The Holland Play

Dwayne Forge_Ruff Rider
-Undress to Kill

Francis McReary
-Call and Collect
-Final Interview: Part 1
-Final Interview: Part 2
-Holland Nights
-Blood Brothers

U.L. Paper
-Wrong is Right
-Portrait of a Killer
-Dust Off
-Paper Trail

Packie McReary
-Harboring a Grudge
-Waste Not Want Knots
-Three Leaf Clover

Ray Boccino
-A Long Way to Fall
-Taking in the Trash
-Museum Piece
-No Way on the Subway
-Late Checkout

Gerry McReary
-Action Speaks Louder Than Words
-I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
-I’ll Take Her…
-I’ll Take Her
-She’s a Keeper
-Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend



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