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Rule 5 For Fluent English
Use Point of View Stories
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How are you today? Are you having a great day? I’m doing well.
Today I’m back to explain Rule 5
With Rule2, I told you never to study grammar rules. But, of course, you want to use correct English grammar.
Maybe you are thinking, “How can I learn English grammar if I don’t study English grammar rules?”Well, today I will tell you.
I will teach you a way to learn grammar naturally. Use this method and your grammar will improve automatically. You will automatically use the correct verb tense. Youwon’t think. You won’t try.
“I am glad to tell you that I have improved my English after listening to your Effortless English Lessons. I think your Effortless English system is great.”
–Aleister Yu,Singapore
Rule 5: A Story
Miyuki did very well on grammar tests. She knew all of the grammar rules. She knew English verbs.
But Miyuki had a problem. She couldn’t USE the grammar in a realconversation. She could explain the past tense, but when speaking, she would say “Yesterday I GO to school”.
Miyuki was confused. How could her grammar tests be so good, but her speaking so bad?
“Before Effortless English, I knew all the grammar rules, but I couldn’t speak correctly. I couldn’t feel English grammar. After using Point of View stories, I feel it and use it correctly.
Now mygrammar is great when I speak. I never think about it, I just automatically use correct grammar. Thank you A.J.!”
Miyuki learned this grammar naturally. She never studied grammar rules. How did shedo it?
First she listened to a short story in the present tense. She listened to it everyday.
Then, she listened to the exact SAME story– but this time it started with “10 years ago….” She learnedto “feel” the past tense by listening to this story.
Next, I gave her the exact same story. This time, it started with “Since 2004…” Miyuki learned to FEEL the perfect tenses by listening to this...
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