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The following information supplements the information in the Dell Wireless WLAN Card User Guide.
September 2007

Manual Addenda

Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini Card Power CharacteristicsCurrent draw, Power Save mode: 30 mA ±5% (average)
Current draw, Receive mode: 200 mA ±5% (average)
Current draw, Transmit mode: 300 mA ±5% (average)------------------------------------------------------------------------
Draft IEEE 802.11n Interoperability
At the time of product release, Dell 1500/1505 Draft 802.11n cards were validated through testing to work with the following 802.11n wirelessrouters/APs:
· Netgear WNR834B FW and later
· Netgear WNR350N FW1.0 and later
· Linksys WRT300N FW 0.93.3 and later
· Buffalo WZR-G300N FW 1.43 and later
· BelkinF5D8231-4
•Regardless of the make of wireless router/AP, wireless clients should always be able to connect to the wireless router/AP at legacy link speeds. You should check with the wireless router/AP vendor forAP firmware and client software updates.

Setting Advanced Properties

Wake-Up Mode

The Wake-Up Mode property enablesor disables the capability of the Dell wireless WLAN card to wake up the computer from a low-power state when the wireless WLAN card receives a network wake-up packet.
All. Loss of Link, MagicPattern, and Net Pattern are considered in wake pattern matching.
LossOfLink. Wakes up the machine if the wireless STA loses its association with the AP in Wake mode. Loss of link is detected bythree events:

* The wireless STA receives a deauth/disassoc frame from the AP.

* The wireless STA stops receiving a beacon from the AP for apre-specified interval (8 seconds).
* The wireless STA receives a retrograde timing synchronization function (TSF) in the AP beacon.
Magic & WakeUp Frame (default). Both Magic...
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