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Songwriters Market 2013 [36th Edition] 2013 (Writer’s Digest Books) [(B) DIR 338.761782421302573 BUS] Lists music publishers, music print publishers, record companies, record producers, managers and booking agents, audiovisual and commercial music firms who handle songs and songwriters. British & International Music Yearbook [38thEdition] 2012 (Rhinegold Publishing Ltd) [(B) DIR 780 BUS] Reference source for the Worldwide music industry with listings giving contact details of music schools, music & book publishers, instrument manufacturers and marketing & fundraising organisations. The IMIT Membership Directory 2012 (The Acme Co) [(B) DIR 784.192802541 BUS] Names and addresses of the members of the Institute of Musical InstrumentTechnology. Showcase : The Music Business Guide [44th Edition] 2012 (Hollis) [(B) DIR 780.294 BUS] International music production guide. Lists concert, venue, equipment, recording, studios, artists, business & broadcast services. Artist index, record companies worldwide, festivals, booking agents, artist management, publishers. The White Book 2012 (Ocean Media Events Ltd) [(B) DIR 338.761791025BUS] Production directory for events industry. UK talent, film, TV & video, conference industry, exhibitions, concerts, show & theatrical agents. Billboard International Buyer’s Guide [52nd Edition] 2011 (VNU Business Publications) [(B) DIR 780.294 BUS] Reference source for the Worldwide music industry with listings giving contact details of record labels, music publishers, wholesalers &distributors, raw materials manufacturers & listings of companies by country.


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The Creative Review Handbook 2011 (Centaur Media Plc) [(B) DIR 741.60688 BUS] Design & new media; illustration; photography; picture libraries; photographic services; print; commercials; sound; live events; media agencies ; copywriters; courier & despatch; talent & casting agencies; translation.

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BPI Statistical Handbook 2012 : The British Recorded Music Industry (British Phonographic Industry Ltd) [BIPC Enquiry Desk] Statistics from the main industry association. Provides an annual review of the UK industry – downloading, advertising, album/singles sales, consumer profiles, piracy, airplay etc. A world market overview is included. Cloud-Based Music Streaming: Emergingopportunities For brands (eMarketer, 2012) [Available onsite via electronic sources] Discusses the major advantages and disadvantages of the major cloud-based music streaming services provided by Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Vevo etc. Covers buying behaviour and consumer attitudes to new technology, services etc. Digital Music Report (IFPI, 2012) [(B) MKT 780.28565 BUS] Analysis of the globaldigital music market with regards to legitimate and illegal downloading. Touches on the creative industries as a whole and covers company/country strategies to combat piracy. How Britain Shops for Music & Video 2012 (Verdict, 2012) [Available onsite via electronic sources] Consumer research on the trends and factors that affect sales in this market such as downloading, digital rights management,increased VAT etc. Covers consumer demographics and includes comparisons between the major retailers. Music Concerts and Festivals (Mintel, 2012) [Available onsite via electronic sources] Gives consumer factors affecting the market over the last few years such as ticket pricing, youth unemployment, consumer confidence etc. with a SWOT analysis, market size and forecast. Includes consumer attitudesto merchandising and onsite consumables etc. Music and Video Purchasing (Mintel, 2012) [Available onsite via electronic sources] Covers the Uk market and consumers attitudes to various available media formats in relation to new technology etc. Analyses market issues such as digital content on demand, gadgets, download vs hard-copy and gives market size, segmentation and forecasts. UK Annual...
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