Mr. bean

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Mr. Bean is a comic character, typical of British humor, created by actor Rowan Atkinson. It is also the name of a TV series and a movie, which isthe compilation of the first season of the series, starring the actor. 

Mr. Bean is a British television comedy series starring RowanAtkinson in the role of Mr. Bean. The first episode airs on January 1, 1990 by ITV and the show went on air until October 31, 1995. 
During the fiveyears, has increased its audience, reaching 18.74 million viewers during the episode "The Trouble With Mr Bean" in 1992. In addition, he received asubstantial number of international awards, among them "The Golden Rose." The program also has spawned two movies and a cartoon series. 
Thepersonality of Mr. Bean is enjoyable, fun and even naive and sometimes naughty.Rowan Atkinson always saw the character as a boy of 6 years. He lives inhis small apartment in north London with her teddy bear Teddy. Mr. Bean rarely speaks and when he does it is always in a nutshell. Your name andprofession were never mentioned either by him or by their creators. The mood of the comedy comes mostly from the original and eccentric Mr. Bean findssolutions to solve their problems and their total indifference to solve others. 
Another factor that made the show funnier were the deeds which hedid with his yellow Mini Cooper. Its removable steering wheel, along with the door locks were the solutions to prevent the Bean car was stolen. 
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