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| M O N S T E R H U N T E R P O R T A B L E 2nd G |
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| & |
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| M ON S T E R H U N T E R F R E E D O M U N I T E |
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| F E L Y N E F I G H T E R G U I D E |
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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - Felyne comrade Damage Formula FAQ
Platform: Playstation Portable (PSP)
Version 1.2
By: VioletKIRA & Hikki



1. Introduction of the Felyne Comrade
2. How to calculate Damage
3. Felyne Comrade Leveling Up Information
4. Felyne Characteristics, Loyalty and Combat Styles
5. Felyne Comrade Skills
6. Training Routine and Developement
7. Misc. Information & Frequently Asked Questions
8. Credit and Copyright==============================================================
1. Introduction

When news of the new Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G came out,
many fans had anticipated a fresh new aspect of the game, a
co-operative AI called the Felyne Comrade (also called Felyne
comrade).This concept offered a whole new range of tactics to
the average hunt, enriching the experiences from the
precedent Monster Hunter titles.

Felyne comrades are unique, they come in different colors and
behaviors but creating the best felyne comrade is difficult.
Thats where this guide comes in to help a little... So what
are we waitingfor? Lets get started, nya!

2. Damage Calculations

I'm sure many people have already started to wonder how much
damage their Slash Felyne comrade does when launch an attack
on Lunastra's head or if the Attack Up Skill gives them a
small or a big boostin power.

Felyne attacks are considered by many players as "nimble",
"pathetic", "weak"and "suprisingly unreliable"...

And correct they are! (especially the unreliable part) Felynes
are mostly for taunting or baiting opponents and other cutesy
purposes. But that doesn't mean their damage is insignificant.Unlike our golden rule: Raw > Elemental (for Heavy Weapons),
the felyne's is raw = elemental. Elemental is very useful at
the early stages of the felyne's development as it does more
damage than raw as it is fixed. But raw damage will eventually
overtake the elemental (that is if you train and buff up the
cat). A fully trained cat will do up to 45 damage per attack!--------------------------------
Damage Formula

Raw Damage = ----------------------------------------------


Elemental Damage =...
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